About Me

I worked for a famous mouse for eleven years as a Disney Imagineer and my first forays into children's literature seems to have involved several new mice in my life, there is more than meets the eye than just mice......

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona. For most of my career I was a Walt Disney Imagineer. One of many, many artists working as part of a team that got to design and create for the Disney Parks. I was fortunate to be part of the teams for Euro Disney, Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida and Tokyo Disney Seas in Japan dreaming up all sorts of crazy character and themed art pieces for the parks. From giant shushing fish, to dinosaurs, to gorillas, to ancient Tibetan ruins and more.

Since my Disney days, I have become a Mom of two wonderful kids and now I work on a freelance basis. My Disney days have stuck with me and I love to tell a story in my work. I am thrilled to be involved in illustrating children’s literature. 

Please, grab some good cheddar, settle in and feel free to take a look at some of my work. Thanks for visiting!

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